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Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance class (Intermediate) with Petra Van Gompel


Class will depart from the pleasure of dancing, we will explore and practice the diversity of movement languages. Passing through the different articulations in the body, going from the subtle to the bigger movements, from falling to standing up, from speeding up to slowing down, playing with different tensions in the body and movements that fold or unfold into space.

It is a practice of movement that will reinforce the body awareness and natural strength. Also challenges the coordinations in the body, orientation in space and invites a bigger range of motion.

Classes will include a warm-up, short frases traveling across the floor, improvisations and fragments of choreography. Everyone interested in dance and would like to extend their personal movement expression is invited to join these classes. 

New to contemporary dance or already with some experience? All welcome to the Wednesday evening class. 

Vinyasa Yoga class with Petra Van Gompel

Vinyasa is a dynamic yoga practice on the pace of the breath. Diverse yoga postures are fluently connected and challenge the strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. It is an energising journey that plays with gravity, explores the breath and waves of movement. Respecting the body's architecture yoga encourages a stronger awareness of the authentic body expression and invites a more relaxed and focused mind. 


No previous experience needed to start, start from where you are now and classes are adjustable to your needs. Just bring your mat (if not you can always borrow one on the spot) and join at on Wednesday and Friday evening.

Improvisation class (Beginners) with Luis Marrafa

Improvisation class invites us to contemplate our inner world through movement. In the dance of spontaneity, we learn to trust our instincts, embrace uncertainty and harmonize with the present moment. Like life itself, each step taken is unique, a fleeting expression of our existence. The dance becomes a mirror reflecting our fears, desires, and vulnerabilities, exploring the limits of self-expression and discovering the uncharted realms of creativity within.

Contemporary dance class (Advanced) with Luis Marrafa

The movement by Luis Marrafa, is supported by a layer of mechanical and organic processes that not only give rise to an abstraction movement of a structured discourse but also sketch a perspective between the functionality of the body and the effect of the technical application “dance technique”. The music in relation with Movement - Phenomena that complete each other, has an essential aspect in his working process. 

Choreographic Composition class (Advanced) with Luis Marrafa

During the class the dancers are encouraged to explore movements that relate to the chosen theme. They are encouraged to experiment, improvise and collaborate with each other, contributing their own ideas and movements to the choreography. As the class progresses, Luis Marrafa will give feedback, suggestions and direction, The class culminates in a presentation or sharing of the choreography created by the dancers. 

Choreographic coaching with Luis Marrafa (Private sessions) 

Luis Marrafa will guide choreographic projects in private, for dancers who are starting their projects in dance or performance, sessions that are designed and directed towards the creation of solos, duets or trios. During the process working methods will be shared, where conversation on the subject is crucial. In the studio will exist space for exploration and Luis will provide his knowledge of choreographic experience through personalised rehearsals where the final decision rests with the dancer. His passion for exploring original movements and narratives has led him to collaborate with various artists and dance companies. Click here to see the full collaborations. 

Important information about Choreographic Coaching.

Each program is for one artist/project and lasts 36 hours spread over a month.

Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The first program begins on September 19 and ends on October 13.

For a second artist/project, the program begins on October 17th and ends on November 10th. For the third artist/project, the program begins November 14 and ends December 8. There is flexibility in the schedule in case of incompatibility. For more information on how to apply for the Choreographic Coaching Programs and about prices, please contact us at 

Choreographic coaching
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Contemporary dance class with Luis Marrafa
Choreographic Composition with Luis Marrfa
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