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Who We Are

Luis Marrafa

Performer - Choreographer - Sound composer

Some of the pieces created and others under development through invitations:

2023/24 - Ombra, in collaboration with Alain Platel for (Opera Ballet Vlaanderen);

2022 - CREDO (Cultural Association - ArQuente, Faro);

2021 - Snow (National Ballet of Portugal);

2021 - Frag (Kunsthumaniora, Antwerp);

2020 - What if? (Kunsthumaniora, Brussels);

2020 - Efeméride (Balleteatro, Porto);

2019 - Functio (FMH - Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, Lisbon);

2019 - Hodierno (Balleteatro, Porto);

2018 - Anpassung (QuorumBallet, Lisbon);

2017 - Soma (Balleteatro, Porto);

2017 - Marvel (Companhia dança de Almada);

2017 - Duplo (Artes na Rua, Évora);

2016 - Folklore (ESD - Escola Superior de Dança, Lisbon);

2015 - Proxemics ( Facultad de Bellas Artes de Querétaro, Mexico).

Marrafa productions:

2023/24 - Plágio (in process)

2021 - Ghost (Collaboration with Alain Platel);

2020 - Clavicula (Animation);

2016 - HOME;

2014 - ABSTAND (Collaboration with António M. Cabrita);

2014 - Disquiet (Dance video);

2012 - Untitled (Dance video);

2012 - Transistor (Collaboration with Petra Van Gompel);

2012 - escape & light night;

2011 - Coffee Loop (dance video in collaboration with Bernardo Camisão);

2009 - Unstable (collaboration with António Bexiga);

2007 - IIB (Dance video) collaboration with Antonio M. Cabrita;

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Petra Van Gompel

Performer - Dancer - Teacher

Is a dancer, performer and teacher living in Brussels. She started her professional training in dance as a teenager at the Art school in Lier, where she graduated in 2005. After one year of studies in contemporary dance at the Codarts Rotterdam Dansacademie, she moved to Brussels and graduated in 2010, from the training and research cycle at P.A.R.T.S. directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. It was during her dance training that Petra discovered yoga as well and had a chance to practice yoga with inspiring teachers such as Mia Lawrence and Rita Poelvoorde. In 2018 she became a certified yoga teacher, trained in Ashtanga, Pranayama and Vinyasa Flow, a point from where she has been sharing her experience.

Petra has been performing throughout International scenes as a dancer with choreographers Maaike Van De Westeringh, Luis Marrafa, Tânia Carvalho, Britta Lieberknecht, Lies Serdons, Fengyi Tan and Yentl De Werdt. Alongside her parcours as a performer and dancer she has been teaching dance and yoga and continuously engages to develop dance projects. Petra’s classes are strongly rooted in contemporary dance, a practice that fires up the creativity and encourages to be present within the body. Classes can be given in English, Dutch and in French.

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